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Join us for the inaugural "Crack THe Crater" Mt BuninyoNG Run challenge
27th October, 2019

Coinciding with the Buninyong Festival, "Crack The Crater" is a trail run that will see participants take to the slopes of the Mount to test their strength, courage and endurance.


The three distances (10.5km, 7.1km & 4.6km) are designed to be inclusive for all levels of fitness. Starting in the heart of Buninyong runners will climb up the Mount, through the fern and eucalypt filled crater with the 'Gold' run taking the ascent to the summit and descending with spectacular views to the south west. 

Why not grab the family and enjoy a lovely walk along the bronze (4.6km) course or get the kids involved in the "Kids Canter"?

If you are looking for a challenge and a bit of adventure why not try 'Crack The Crater'! 

MtB East view.png
Crater Ferns.png
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